Biden sets out $2trn green drive

US citizens are due to vote in the presidential election on 3rd November. For the renewables industry, the choice couldn’t be starker.


July 16, 2020

US citizens are due to vote in the presidential election on 3rd November. For the renewables industry, the choice couldn’t be starker.

In the red corner, we have reigning champion Donald Trump. This cheerleader for fossil fuels lists his administration’s main energy achievements as ditching the Paris deal; ending the ‘war on coal’; and opening new areas for oil and gas.

Yes, he has presided over a 43% growth in installed wind capacity, from 75GW at the end of 2015 to over 107GW in the first quarter of 2020, but come on. That was mostly driven by states and the policies of his predecessor Barack Obama. In December, Trump was still rehashing worn-out claptrap like this.

And in the blue corner, we have the challenger Joe Biden, who on Tuesday set out his $2trn investment plan for renewables. He would rejoin the Paris deal; seek to decarbonise the US electricity generation mix by 2035 with net zero emissions; and sees investment in wind, solar and other sources as a way to create 10million jobs. That economic activity is desperately needed.

The American Wind Energy Association immediately welcomed policies that it said would lower electricity bills, create jobs in rural heartlands, and drive US economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Biden also said he wants to re-establish the US as a climate change leader: “Global action needs American leadership,” he said.

To us, the benefits of a Biden presidency for renewables are clear. There is a good reason why we see a Clean Energy for Biden group and not Trump.

But that isn’t to say the US renewables industry will get what it wants.

Yes, Biden is performing well so far, and Trump’s campaign has been hampered by the rules on gatherings and criticisms around his handling of Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter. We like to see Biden doing well in the polls.

However, Trump has arguments that we expect to resonate with his followers.

In an address in the White House Rose Garden on Tuesday, he blasted Biden’s green plans as a roadmap to “kill American energy” – shorthand for fossil fuels, not homegrown renewables – and to “cripple American industry while greatly helping China”. They are simple arguments that will resonate in November.

The choice for renewables is simple. The election battle will be anything but.

That’s where we can help…

Financing Wind N.A. goes virtual

The potential impact of the US election will be a central talking point at our Financing Wind North America conference on September 2nd and 3rd – and we have made an important announcement about the event this week.

Like many of you, we’re keen to meet up and connect again. However, it’s still too soon for us to safely meet in person. For now, we need to use technology creatively to win work and keep the energy transition on track.

That’s why, for the first time, we will be broadcasting Financing Wind North America 2020 live from our own purpose-built studio.

Across the two days, we’ll support what’s happening on stage with a fully-immersive digital platform, which will enable you to meet, network and learn with industry peers. You’ll be able to strengthen existing relationships and make new ones – and do so from wherever you’re based.

The bottom line is we’re going to help you do everything you’d do in person:

  • Hear from 50 industry leaders in our conference programme.
  • Network with key contacts using advanced networking features.
  • Take part in a fully-immersive event, not another conference call.

Finally, to celebrate the live studio launch and help to accelerate the US energy transition, we are lifting our usual attendance cap.

We’re opening up Financing Wind North America 2020 to up to 1,000 of the brightest and best minds in North American wind.

Registrations are now open at so get in touch to book your space at the event.

We want to thank our commercial partners – especially UL and Lockton – for their support in this shift, and to all of you in our membership community for your support in recent months.

Your passion is inspiring. Your priorities are clear. We’ll help you succeed!

Register your interest now.

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