Chinese turbines go Mainstream


July 4, 2011

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Friday’s announcement regarding the Chinese turbine deal really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Rather, it’s a reminder of the incessant evolution of the European wind energy markets – as technology keeps leaping forward, costs come down and the market matures.

That said it’s interesting to note the size and scale of the agreement, as well as the positive comments that continue to be made by both Eddie O’Connor and his counterparts at Sinovel. Be under no illusion here – this deal is no one-off. Rather, it’s a timely reminder for the dominant European market players of the shape of things to come.

To their credit, the European manufacturers have acknowledged this shift and have begun to adjust their commercial strategies for the future. Gamesa’s factory opening is a case in point, as new markets continue to open up overseas.

So it’s not a question of whether the European manufacturers are changing – it’s a case of whether they’re changing quickly enough. And while engineering innovation still continues to take its lead from Europe, it would be naïve to underestimate the speed, power and efficiency of the Chinese.

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