EMR consultation comes to a close


March 4, 2011

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In less than one week, the UK government will close its consultation on Electricity Market Reform. Chances are that you haven’t yet read the document (and if you haven’t, then you can download a copy here) but even if you just flick through the executive summary, it’s worth a look.

Why? Because with talk of the huge investment challenge, the talk of targets and the long term impact on consumers, it’s a piece of legislation that will leave a lasting impression on the European wind energy market.

Although it’s currently still in the consultation phase and the government is still very much dipping its toe in the water make no mistake, the legislation associated with it is just around the corner. And the government will be listening closely to the way in which the market has reacted during this initial exploratory phase.

It’s difficult to speculate on the outcome of the consultation until the government publishes its response to this feedback, later in the spring. However, if the closing comments in this initial paper are anything to go by, we can expect greater levels of collaboration with Northern Ireland and Scotland in the future. Lip service it may be but with the government keen to encourage private sector partnerships and engagement, perhaps the first step is to lead by example?

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