Financing Wind North America is pivoting virtual

On September 2nd and 3rd – for the very first time – we’ll be broadcasting Financing Wind North America 2020 live from our own purpose-built studio.

July 17, 2020

The renewables market has been remarkably resilient despite the Covid pandemic. Like many of you, we’re keen to meet and connect again.

However, it’s too soon for us to safely meet in person. For now, we need to use technology to win work and keep the energy transition on track.

That’s why, on September 2nd and 3rd – for the very first time – we’ll be broadcasting Financing Wind North America 2020 live from our own purpose-built studio.

Across the two days, we’ll support what’s happening on stage with a fully-immersive digital platform, which will enable you to meet, network and learn with your industry peers. You’ll be able to strengthen existing relationships and make new ones – from wherever you’re based.

The bottom line is Financing Wind North America 2020 will continue to enable you to meet new people, find new deals and discuss key market developments with wind’s industry’s top executives.In real terms this means the following:

  • You’ll hear from over 50 industry leaders who’ll be participating, speaking and answering your questions at the conference.
  • You’ll access advanced video and chat networking features that will enable you to connect with your key target customers.
  • Above all, you’ll take part in a fully immersive experience that isn’t another conference call. You need to be a part of this.

In short, we know how important that interaction is to you. It’s the not-so-secret sauce of every great event. We’ll share more details on that in the weeks ahead.

Oh, and there’s one more thing. For our in-person conferences, we cap attendance at 350 people. However, to celebrate the live studio launch, and to help accelerate the global energy transition, we’re raising that.

We’ll be opening up Financing Wind North America 2020 to up to 1,000 of the brightest and best minds in North American wind. If you qualify for a conference pass, via our membership programme, this will give you a wider pool of companies to engage with than ever before.

It therefore gives me great pleasure, to confirm that registration for Financing Wind North America 2020 is now open – visit to start the registration process and find out if you qualify for a space at the event.

Finally, a big thanks to our commercial partners – in particular UL and Lockton – and to you, our membership community, for all the support that you’ve shown to us and to each other over recent months.

Truly, you make this conference, and our membership programme, what it is. Your passion is inspiring. We’ll help you succeed!

Apply for your conference registration pass today.

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