Meet our member: Evgenia Golysheva, Romax Technology

Meet our member: Evgenia Golysheva, Romax Technology


December 2, 2015

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Name: Evgenia Golysheva
Job: Head of consultancy, InSight UK
Company: Romax Technology

How long have you worked in renewables?
I have spent five years in the wind sector developing turbine reliability models for wind farm cost modelling; and have led a wide range of engineering consultancy projects for major wind arm owners, operators and turbine manufacturers.

I am currently leading the technical due diligence team at Romax, providing in-depth technology review, independent financial forecasts, inspections and operational assessment for onshore and offshore projects worldwide.

In ten words or fewer, what does your firm do?
Technology-focused consultant for end-to-end wind farm solutions.

In which markets do you see the biggest opportunities now?
Growing competitiveness in the onshore wind investment market means that more and more players are being priced out, especially if they are unwilling to compromise on quality or project risk. Rather than going further afield (Africa and Middle East, Australia, Turkey etc.), cost-effective solutions for performance improvements and reducing operating expense with proactive O&M strategies can create a competitive edge when bidding for a new investment. Combined with new insurance policies, the risk associated with third-party service providers can be reduced.

Also, extending project life from 20 to 25 or even 30 years will have a large effect on the project value, this requires robust assessment of the life extension scenarios that can be accepted by lenders.

What is the biggest challenge facing wind, and how would you solve it?
Wind energy needs to become economically viable without relying on government subsidies. It can be achieved by employing already available technologies for more reliable designs, developed with the practicalities of maintenance in mind.

O&M costs can also be significantly reduced by implementing quality assessment procedures and utilising smarter tools to harness wind farm data to improve performance.

What do you enjoy most about working in wind?
How quickly complex new technologies and solutions are developed to overcome new, constantly arising challenges.

Why did you join A Word About Wind?
To be up to date with the latest developments, understand challenges that investors are faced with, and share our experience in order to drive further improvements within the industry.

Investment expertise. High-quality events. Exclusive content. Lead generation.

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