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March 1, 2018

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Wind Watch
6 things to know about Financing Wind New York
By Richard Heap

On 30th May, we’re due to host our first US conference: Financing Wind New York, in association with our headline sponsor GCube Insurance Services. We’re really excited and we hope you’ve heard about the event by now!

And, as this is a new event, there are some regular questions we’re hearing when we talk to current and future members. So we wanted to take a few minutes to answer six of the most important.

1. All members are eligible for a place, and you can transfer your place to a colleague or client.

All of our corporate, gold and silver members are eligible to attend Financing Wind New York. We’d love to see you there.

However, if you aren’t able to join us in New York yourself, please remember that you can transfer your place to a colleague or client. We want you to be able to make full use of the opportunity, so just tell our team know who you’d like to attend and we’ll do the rest.

2. Financing Wind attendees and speakers are senior people who focus on the financial side of the sector.

Our Financing Wind conferences are attended by top professionals with a focus on the financial side of the wind sector. These include senior people from banks, institutional investors, manufacturers, utilities, technical consultancies and law firms who want to discuss the big issues in the wind industry in an exclusive environment.

And what do we mean by ‘exclusive’? Well, typically we are looking to attract 200-300 people to each of our events, not the 1000s that pass through the doors of the major trade shows. This means our members can meet those they really want to in a focused setting.

3. If you buy a ticket for Financing Wind New York, you get our newsletters and others events too…

If you aren’t yet a member of A Word About Wind, it will cost you $995 to attend Financing Wind New York as an individual; or you can secure a ticket at a reduced rate of $795 if you book in March. This is all detailed on the ticketing page of the our mini-site.

However, what is less clear is that for this price you’ll get all of the benefits of an AWAW membership for the whole year. You’ll also receive tickets for our Quarterly Drinks evenings in New York and London for a full year; and will be able to attend our conference in London in the autumn (or transfer your place to a colleague).

And you will receive 200 market intelligence briefings through the year; and seven members-only special reports including Top 100 Power People (due in November), North American Power List (due on 29th May), and our deals-focused Finance Quarterlies.

We care about keeping members informed about developments in wind, and believe this is a great editorial and events package.

4. …and, if you want to attend Financing Wind New York with colleagues, we offer group deals.

If you want to attend Financing Wind New York with colleagues it would make most financial sense to sign up for a gold membership package, where you get five passes for each of our events in New York and London. Yes, this makes it a bit more expensive up-front than our silver membership, but you get a lot more for your money.

You can see membership packages on the main AWAW site.

Finally, we offer corporate memberships for companies that want to send even more people and get regular access to our analysts.

5. We have announced our first group of speakers on our dedicated Financing Wind New York mini-site…

Last week, we announced the first group of speakers who will be with us on 30th May at Financing Wind New York. These include:

– Ray Wood – Head of Global Power & Renewables, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
– Jatin Sharma – President, GCube Insurance Services
– Rob Threlkeld – GM of Renewable Energy, General Motors
– Susan Nickey – Managing Director, Hannon Armstrong
– Declan Flanagan – Founder and CEO, Lincoln Clean Energy
– Ted Brandt – CEO, Marathon Capital
– Shalini Ramanathan – VP of Origination, RES Americas
– Steve Lockard – CEO, TPI Composites
– Rob Freeman – CEO, Tradewind Energy

We are set to reveal more names in the coming weeks, so please keep an eye on our Financing Wind site:

6. …and you can see details of the agenda there too.

We want to make sure that our members can benefit from an event that focuses on the very latest shifts in North American wind. We’ve put a draft agenda up on the Financing Wind site, and we will keep this regularly updated until we get to conference day.

However, we know that we will be discussing the most important issues in the market, including the impact of tax reforms; power purchase agreements; the nascent offshore wind market in North America; and how businesses can cope with the dropping cost of wind energy while also readying themselves for 2020.

If you want the latest information on this or any other key details, please keep an eye on the site. And, if that isn’t answering your questions, please feel free to contact a member of our team. We look forward to seeing you and your colleagues in New York.

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