The bright stars of 2012


December 5, 2011

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This year, the team has traipsed round more conference halls than we care to remember. We’ve drunk more coffee and spoken to more industry executives than we thought possible.

The delegate badges, the company phone bill and the bulging inbox are just a small testament to it all. And off the back of all of this, there have been a number of key emerging trends that have started to strike a chord.

First, we’re in an industry in flux. The sharp suits, the drinks receptions, the private parties and the events, not to mention the arms race when it comes to bigger, better stand and brand design, are the clearest indicator yet.

But it is behind this gloss where the true step change really comes to the fore.

For the first time, businesses of all sizes have recognised the power and potential of the market and have begun to invest in their companies, their staff and their service offering, in an effort to stand out from the crowd.

Second, as we grow, we’re an industry with increasingly competing agendas. The competition is kicking in, pricing is becoming more competitive across the board and many of the industry stalwarts – in all sectors – have had to significantly up their game.

And third, we’re an industry that is filled with new participants and by proxy, new potential – now, more than ever before.

For many, it’s this final point that has not been the easiest pill to swallow. In fact, it’s fair to say that when it comes to recognising new potential, some established businesses – both big and small – have had their heads in the sand. And as a result, some companies have been caught napping.

And it’s because of all of this – because of the step change, because of the competing agendas and because of this significant new potential – that my team wants to help identify and showcase some of the best businesses to watch in 2012.

And we want your help.

It’s why we’re asking you to take two minutes to nominate (entirely anonymously) three companies that you think will be going places in 2012.

We’ll add these nominations to our own thinking on the matter and in January, we’ll showcase some of our favourites. Dead easy. So please, do us one small favour – take two minutes and email us your three company nominations – now.

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