The importance of telling a story


October 31, 2011

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There’s a difference between developing, designing and building a great product or service and actually selling it.

During those euphoric early days, it’s often all too easy for aspiring developers, manufacturers and businesses to start refining and fine tuning a particular concept before the first order hits the factory floor.

As this quest for perfection grows, the customer, the client service and the cash flow quickly find themselves forgotten. All just a necessary evil, as they plot a supposed path to perfection.

More worrying still, it’s a problem that is no longer limited to the manufacturing and engineering community – oh no. It’s a similar story within the service sector, where some of the smartest specialists have developed some cracking answers to questions that may never be asked.

Now naturally, in a free market economy the forces of capitalism will almost always dictate who eventually wins and loses in this battle to move the industry forwards. However, within the wider renewable energy markets, it’s not always quite that simple.

In fact, it’s wholly possible that there are businesses out there that have the potential to really succeed – if only they were to better understand and recognise the value of what they can deliver. All too often that means addressing the questions that customers are asking and providing answers, not just features and benefits.

The challenge then, is to start picking, and backing, these winners.

For the finance and investment community this means getting under the skin of the sector – working out how it really ticks and offering businesses the right mix of financial investment and independent management consultancy and advice.

And for those businesses battling with this challenge on the ground, it requires something far simpler – recognition that outside assistance is required.

Despite the dire state of the European economy, there are still plenty of financial backers and cash rich energy businesses and utilities with money to spend. However, to do so, they need some further guidance on how and with whom they should spend it.

Tell a good tale, nail that narrative and encourage them to open their wallets.

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