The Three Core Elements of Investing


November 14, 2011

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Talk to any potential offshore wind power investor and the story is the same – they want consistency, certainty and a proven track record.

For the investor looking for long term financial return, it makes sound commercial sense. However, for an ambitious emerging market, none of these three core elements are ever easy to find.

It is for this reason alone, that the offshore European wind energy market must stand proud.

Through the development of some strong strategic partnerships and often through management’s sheer dogged determination and tenacity, the first phase of tackling these challenges is already being overcome.

Operational consistency is improving, project management capability is being continually refined and there’s a sense of optimism in the air and on the water, even if politicians in the European sub-continent aren’t exactly sharing it.

So what’s been the key to this shift in confidence and how can we nurture and safeguard this in the future?

It sounds like a tough question but I’m not so sure it’s as tricky as it sounds. Rather, it’s a case of recognising what works.

One such area that warrants further thought is the ongoing challenge of building sound commercial partnerships with firms working in offshore oil and gas.

To date, there has already been some positive interchange between these established energy markets. However, the lessons learnt are by no means complete and while the markets do have their differences, we still share more in common with traditional marine energy players than we’d like to think.

As such – and given that these partnerships provide that extra element of assurance for future financiers and investors – we need to keep capitalising on our contacts book.

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