Wednesday 14th January 2015


January 14, 2015

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Wind Watch

Wind Watch is published every Monday and Friday. But don’t let that get in the way of gaining the latest insights into the industry.

Last week, we kicked off the year by publishing Finance 2015, our first report of 2015. In this 24-page report, we talk to leading experts to get their views on the key trends in financing and the global economy that will shape wind in 2015.

Key report insights include:

• Analysis: The importance of the global wind industry in 2015
• Oil prices: How continued low pricing will affect global wind
• Interest rates: The impact of low interest rates on investment
• Expert comment: Challenges of funding future offshore projects
• US PTC: Why North American wind will live on, post PTC
• Expert comment: Four major trends that will shape UK offshore

To download the report, log in to your account on our website and select ‘download’. If you don’t have an account yet, contact for a direct download link.

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