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February 15, 2017

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What 2016 investment figures tell us about China
By Ilaria Valtimora

New investment in renewables fell 18% worldwide, from $349bn in 2015 to $287bn in 2016. And it is largely China’s fault.

Last week, Bloomberg New Energy Finance published its annual report on clean energy investment, which showed how the performance of renewables on a global level in 2016 was highly influenced by the slowdown of Chinese investment in the sector.

Green energy investment in China in 2016 was $87.8bn, down 26% on the all-time high of $119.1bn reached in 2015. In other words, half of the global decline was due to China.

Was last year just a one-off or a signal of a downward trend that will keep going this year? If we look at the signals from the Chinese economy, we think… [Click here for the full article]

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