Wednesday 7th February 2018


February 7, 2018

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Wind Watch

Wind Watch is published every Monday, Thursday and Friday.

In the meantime, we need your help. On 29th May we are due to publish our first North American Power List. This report follows our popular Top 100 Power People; and is set to focus on wind’s most influential power-brokers and influencers in North America.

You can get in touch with us by 14th February to tell us who you think we should be consider. There is only one week left!

We are looking for the individuals that carry the most influence in North American wind by doing the biggest deals, leading the biggest firms, and driving the sector forward.

You can send your nominations to, providing a brief overview of who you think we should include and why. Just give us the hard facts in no more than 300 words and our team will consider them for the shortlist to be put in front of our panel of judges later this year.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions.

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