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July 9, 2014

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Wind Watch

Today, we are publishing our special report, Hidden Investment Opportunities.

This will equip you with vital intelligence and insight about emerging markets and sectors you need to be aware of, from Africa to the grid battery storage sector.

Now, we know that no market can be totally ‘hidden’. Developers including Mainstream Renewable Power are making their mark in South Africa, while the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are backing firms in grid battery storage.

Even so, these are markets that most of our readers will not yet have explored.

Getting involved in new markets isn’t always easy, of course. It can offer investors the chance to make higher returns than in more established markets, but there are risks. Being among the first into a market means higher set-up costs, lack of a supportive infrastructure to help if things go wrong, and risks — both economic and political — that investors may not take if they were doing business at home.

It isn’t just our insights either. We have also gained contributions from the likes of Google and Green Giraffe Energy Bankers. Premium members can read the fullHidden Investment Opportunities report now by clicking on this link.

But with the publication of one report comes the start of work on the next one!

Our next report, Investing in Tech, is due out on Wednesday 10th September, and will focus on ten technology trends that will shape the industry over the next ten years. We have started work on this and are on the lookout for ideas — as well as advertisers! Feel free to get in touch for either of those.

For now, though, do take the time to read our report and, if you want to drop the team a note, go right ahead –

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