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Types of Media Interview July 6, 2021

There are three main modes of engagement with the media that PR teams will tend to use: press releases, written articles, and interviews. Here we focus on interviews, examining the characteristics of various interview types.


8 Essential Steps for Communicating Your Rebrand July 2, 2021

A rebrand is an exciting step, but can be complex territory – and could ultimately damage, rather than enhance, a company’s reputation if mismanaged.


How to Deal With Difficult Media Interview Situations June 28, 2021

Even those who have done their homework are not immune to the occasional hiccup during an interview.


7 Common Mistakes When Giving a Media Interview June 3, 2021

A quick Google search for ‘media gaffes’ yields a wealth of content. Everyone from Presidents to CEO’s, has messed up on air.


What’s in a Name? How to Communicate a Company Rebrand April 7, 2021

In the midst of negotiations for a major merger or acquisition, the logistics and implications of a rebrand never top the list of senior executive concerns.