Let our experts share your vision.

We formed in 2011 to work exclusively with businesses in and around the renewables and cleantech sectors worldwide – this remains our sole focus today.

We know the market. We’ve worked in almost every corner of it and we stay up to date. We bring together the leaders in the field through our community initiatives and networking.

In short, we are specialists.

From start up to multinational, from developer and investor to supply chain and service provider, we have the experience, ideas and relationships to help your business grow.

Why us?

We have expertise at our core.

75+ years’ combined expertise focused solely on helping renewables & cleantech businesses to find their voice

Dedicated insights team with deep and topical industry analysis

A global community of renewable energy and cleantech players

Experience from working with 80+ clients in the sector and running hundreds of impactful campaigns


Messaging and positioning

From the outset, you’ll find us developing and refining your messaging, or at the very least testing what already exists. We firmly
believe that this process is about enabling you and your business to find a place in the market that is credible, differentiated
and unique. We’ll also dig deeper into your intended audiences to understand the things that make them tick.

PR and media

Every day we deliver powerful, results driven, PR and media campaigns that enable you and your business to unlock new relationships
in the market and shape and influence industry thinking. Drawing on deep sector experience, coupled with an unrivalled understanding
of the global renewable energy and clean technology landscape, our campaigns pack a punch.

Public affairs

We shape powerful public affairs programmes, via direct or indirect political engagement, that bolsters your support and gets your voice
heard. Our track record of success within the UK market is technology agnostic and dates back years. Throughout it all, each campaign
has helped enact and instil real political change.

Content creation, thought leadership and copywriting

Our in-house team of talented writers, editors, and digital experts is dedicated to creating a content program that increases
awareness and engagement for your brand. Whether it’s engaging blog posts, captivating social media content, in-depth technical
white papers, or comprehensive reports, we have the expertise to deliver copy that is both compelling and insightful. With our
support, your content will resonate with your audience and showcase your industry expertise.

Knowledge Hub

Start being seen

Whether you’re looking to forge a new partnership or investigating marketing and PR support for the first time, our experts will work with you directly to understand your goals and create tailored solutions that will surpass your targets and give you a voice.