Green Hydrogen

Are we really heading for a green hydrogen future?

JANUARY 14, 2021

About this event

For the last 50 years, hydrogen has been talked about as a ‘fuel of the future’. In 2020, the future appeared to finally arrive as politicians around the world threw their support – both policy and huge amounts of public money – behind the technology. We have also seen key players in the offshore and onshore wind sectors commit to green hydrogen pilot projects.

But are we really heading for a green hydrogen future? Or will the technology simply prove an expensive red herring that diverts attention and resources from renewables and storage? In this roundtable, we gathered a panel of experts to discuss hydrogen’s future, and how this should affect the investment strategies of companies in the global wind sector.

We discussed the state of political and business support for green hydrogen; the potential growth for green hydrogen in the 2020s and beyond; and the opportunities and risks that it will create for investors in the wind sector. We also asked if embracing green hydrogen is a viable route to a cleaner future or a desperate attempt for oil giants to slow the transition.


  • Alan Mortimer, Director of Innovation, Clean Energy, Wood Group
  • Niels-Arne Baden, Senior Vice President, Head of Strategy & Public Affairs, Green Hydrogen Systems
  • James Pay, Head of Global Renewables Group & Co-Head of the Mining and Metals Group, Clifford Chance
  • Doreen Abeysundra, Senior Originator, Vattenfall
  • David Sanders, Managing Director, FTI Consulting
  • Grzegorz Pawelec, Research, Innovation and Funding Manager, Hydrogen Europe
  • David Bow, Senior Vice President – Corporate Business Development, Nel Hydrogen

Report: Green Hydrogen

How should wind companies factor green hydrogen into their plans for 2021 and the years ahead?

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