How to de-risk North America’s energy storage project pipeline

November 21, 2021

In this event, our panellists discussed how the storage industry can reduce the risks surrounding what is still an emerging technology.

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21 November 2021



in partnership with UL

How to de-risk North America's energy storage project pipeline

Investors still have limited experience of battery storage and are rightly concerned about a range of risks associated with the technology. For the energy transition to proceed at the speed required, these risks need to be understood and mitigated as quickly as possible.

To help assess the challenges involved in energy storage risk mitigation, the global independent safety science company UL convened a Wind Investment Boardroom event in November 2021, featuring a range of clean energy experts.

Thank you to the panellists for their contribution:

  • Alex Morris, Executive Director, California Energy Storage Association
  • Beth Bremer, Energy Storage Manager, Crossover Energy Partners
  • Annam Muthu, Director, Energy Storage, Engie
  • Jeff Canfield, EVP, Casualty & Product Innovation, Ethos Specialty Insurance Services LLC
  • Nate Hudson, SVP, Lockton Power
  • Raafe Khan, Director, Energy Storage, Pine Gate Renewables
  • Sara Graziano, Partner & Chair of the Investment Committee, SER Capital Partners
  • Joel Vyduna, VP, Energy Storage, Strata Clean Energy
  • David Mintzer, Director, Energy Storage Advisory Services, UL
  • Colin Tareila, Global Lead, Solar and Storage, UL

To find out what we learnt from this wind investment boardroom, read the report now.

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