The Power Price Plunge

October 22, 2020

What impact on the Nordics?

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22 October 2020



Produced by Tamarindo Group in conjunction with Voltiq and Cirio

The Power Price Plunge

3pm (BST) / 4pm (CEST)

What impact on the Nordics?

Strong winds, low population densities and favourable geographic terrain have helped maintain long-standing wind developer appeal in key Nordic countries. Add to this the lower land costs and a stable regulatory environment and it’s easy to see why project builders have capitalised on the market and sought to drive increased efficiencies through the relentless pursuit of scale.

However, with increased wind proliferation, electricity prices within the competitive wholesale markets, have for many, remained worryingly low. While in the short term this has put conventional thermal power plants under pressure, there’s rising concern that the downward pressure on pricing, may struggle to reflect the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and find a realistic long-term price floor.

This webinar will address:
  • What are the future investment opportunities in the Nordics by 2025? And what are the most imminent challenges?
  • What PPA products can provide increased investor security and revenues?
  • What are the key factors for attracting continued investments in renewable energy in the Nordics? How will power price volatility affect future investment decisions?
  • How is volatility in power prices affecting the financing of renewable energy projects in the Nordics?
  • Jörgen Möller, Partner, Cirio Law Firm [Moderator]
  • Gerard Pieters, Head of Origination Energy Europe, NORD/LB
  • Tobias Nylander, Chief Development Officer, Rabbalshede Kraft AB
  • Manuel Cabrerizo, Partner, Voltiq

In conjunction with Voltiq and Cirio

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