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Top 5 European markets for battery storage installations June 26, 2024

Annual battery storage installations in Europe broke the 10GWh barrier for the first time in 2023 – new data reveals which markets topped the charts


5 steps to unlock growth in US clean hydrogen June 25, 2024

US clean hydrogen developers are calling for clarity about production tax credits so they can progress schemes, while off-takers want action on green hydrogen certification. We look at five steps needed to help take more clean hydrogen projects in the US to financial close.


4 talking points from European offshore wind tenders in Q2 2024 June 24, 2024

Developers have made viable projects their goal in offshore wind tenders in 2024, but the result is low bidder numbers and the end of at least one development tie-up. We look at four talking points from four offshore wind tenders that concluded in Europe in the second quarter of 2024.


The 10 most attractive energy storage investment markets June 19, 2024

Reliable electricity grids backed up by battery energy storage systems (BESS) are vital for the energy transition – but investing in BESS is complex, so which markets offer the best opportunities?


UK election: What would a Labour win mean for wind? June 18, 2024

With two weeks until UK election day, Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party is far ahead of the ruling Conservatives and the prospect of a change of government is in sight. But the party must give more details on how it plans to double onshore wind and quadruple offshore wind capacity by 2030.


Why reputational risk should be top of storage sector’s agenda June 13, 2024

Allegations about battery manufacturers’ links to slave labour have brought the issue of reputational risk in the energy storage sector into sharp focus


Will right-wing surge in the EU derail wind? June 12, 2024

Conservative and right-wing parties increased their influence in the European parliament in the European Union elections last week, while the Greens sustained losses. This could lead to significant changes to pro-renewables policies and investments at both the EU level and in countries including France, Germany and the Netherlands.


Why US is investing in Moldovan storage to guard against Putin June 6, 2024

US has pledged £85m to enhance energy storage systems and transmission lines in Moldova and lessen the country’s dependence on Moscow


5 talking points from Financing Energy Transition 2024 June 4, 2024

On 23rd May, Tamarindo hosted Financing Energy Transition with a day of discussion about wind, solar, energy storage, power-to-X and more. Here were five of the biggest talking points, including investment potential, Chinese turbine makers, and obstacles to the viability of wind, battery and power-to-X projects.


Most BESS failures due to sub-standard assembly and construction May 24, 2024

More than a third of BESS failures due to faulty construction, with the integration of ‘incompatible components’ a common mistake


Energy Storage Investment Awards launches May 23, 2024

Tamarindo, publisher of Energy Storage Report, launches Energy Storage Investment Awards 2024, a benchmark for global investment excellence


Is deep sea mining a threat to offshore wind? May 21, 2024

Six developers have warned that the New Zealand government could set offshore wind in the nation back by 50 years if it backs plans for seabed mining in South Taranaki Bight. As governments worldwide look to balance the needs of different industries in their waters, the growth of seabed mining is a cause for concern.