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5 keys to success in the fiercely competitive storage market December 1, 2023

Energy storage market leaders are grappling with reputational issues that could give new market entrants an opportunity to distinguish themselves from competitors and muscle their way to the forefront of the storage debate 


Can the US take a giant leap to fix transmission? November 29, 2023

US renewables developers and investors have long complained about long interconnection queues and the difficulty of building transmission lines. But a new report says there are reasons to be hopeful.


Middle East conflict and how storage could help reduce global food prices November 24, 2023

The World Bank has predicted that conflict in the Middle East could lead to a dramatic spike in oil prices, which is linked to increases in food prices – however it’s argued that the forecasts do not take into account the ability of energy storage to meet demand


US offshore: Opponents rally as 30GW hopes fade November 23, 2023

Attendees at ‘Financing Wind Offshore’ in Boston last week were quietly optimistic, even though the Biden administration’s target of 30GW installed offshore wind by 2030 now looks out of reach. That positivity will be needed in the year ahead.


Europe’s offshore wind & green hydrogen plans offer blueprint for US November 23, 2023

US offshore wind is beset by economic challenges, but this shouldn’t blind the sector to the potential for incorporating green hydrogen production into project plans


Saudi Arabia’s plans make business sense November 22, 2023

Does it matter why countries and companies choose to invest in renewables? We can read about countries that commit to renewables for environmental reasons; and companies that choose green power because are conscious about their carbon footprints.


Could energy storage enable us all to go off-grid? November 17, 2023

The cost of living crisis means more people are considering going off-grid, and a new study shows that energy storage could enable two million family homes in Europe to do just that


Bluestar eyes global growth amid US challenges November 16, 2023

Opportunities for developers in the US are plentiful after the Inflation Reduction Act, but the challenges are growing too. We spoke to one developer, Bluestar Energy Capital, about its diversification plans.


Portuguese PM quits over hydrogen probe November 11, 2023

Portuguese police have raided 42 properties looking for evidence of government corruption in four projects, including a green hydrogen hub in Sines. Prime Minister Antonio Costa has quit, the government is shaking, and there are tough questions for future tenders.


Australia: Storage in demand in world’s most volatile electricity market November 10, 2023

A recent Australian battery funding programme, which was ten-times oversubscribed, demonstrated the country’s desperate need for energy storage to combat the nation’s violently fluctuating electricity prices



Is aquaculture an asset management opportunity? November 9, 2023

Offshore wind developers and manufacturers are seeking opportunities to support production of fish, shellfish and seaweed at their offshore wind projects. Increasingly, this is being driven by the need to boost revenues as well as supporting biodiversity.


Chile: A ‘showcase’ for storage and the energy transition November 3, 2023

Ahead of next year’s World Energy Congress in Rotterdam, Claudio Seebach, regional vice-chair, Latin America & Caribbean at the World Energy Council, explains how countries can learn valuable lessons from Chile when it comes to increasing energy storage deployment and accelerating the energy transition