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Can green hydrogen firms tame inflation in 2024? January 8, 2024

More than one new green hydrogen project was announced every day in 2023, but the cost of producing green hydrogen has risen by up to 65% too. We look at how developers can tackle inflation and a shortage of crucial infrastructure investment in 2024.


UK energy storage in 2024: What’s the state of play? January 4, 2024

The UK energy storage market is proving attractive to investors, but more due diligence is required to maximise revenues



Can wind industry capitalise on COP28 deal in 2024? January 2, 2024

The ‘UAE Consensus’ agreed at COP28 last month committed to a tripling of global renewable energy capacity by 2030. But external pressures on the wind industry and the impacts of the sector’s “race to the bottom” on costs will make it a challenge to deliver this rapid scale-up.


Which are the leading US solar-storage companies? December 20, 2023

With solar increasingly being paired with storage in the US, new research reveals the solar-storage installers and battery vendors benefitting most from this growing trend


How did we do in our 2023 predictions for wind? December 20, 2023

Inflation, supply chain disruption and the result of the industry’s “race to the bottom” on cost dominated headlines this year. But has the year been better for the wind industry than we predicted in the first edition of 2023? Here, we revisit our ten predictions for wind and see what we got right.


Poland’s Tusk must stand up to his predecessors December 12, 2023

Poland finally got a new government this week nearly two months after October’s election, but it is already mired in controversy over pro-wind policies such as reducing minimum setback distances for onshore wind turbines. We look at why this “scandal” can not be allowed to set the tone for energy policy in the next four years.


5 ways the US can boost battery storage manufacturing December 12, 2023

US storage manufacturing’s over-reliance on imports makes it ‘economically vulnerable’, according to a recent report – the nation needs to develop a well-trained domestic workforce, while being cautious about introducing trade tariffs


COP28: What were the key power-to-X talking points? December 8, 2023

The United Nations COP28 climate talks in Dubai have featured a host of major announcements on green hydrogen and power-to-X projects in established and emerging markets. Here are seven of the biggest trends and stories.


Who are the top 5 US storage companies by operating capacity? December 7, 2023

US storage capacity increased 53% to 14.7GW in the last year – Tamarindo’s Energy Storage Report identifies the five leading US storage companies by operating capacity


Where now for renewables in the Netherlands? December 4, 2023

The Netherlands has seen consistent growth in wind and solar in the last decade, but the Freedom Party’s election victory means this is now at risk even if Geert Wilders is unable to form the coalition he would need to govern.


5 keys to success in the fiercely competitive storage market December 1, 2023

Energy storage market leaders are grappling with reputational issues that could give new market entrants an opportunity to distinguish themselves from competitors and muscle their way to the forefront of the storage debate 


Can the US take a giant leap to fix transmission? November 29, 2023

US renewables developers and investors have long complained about long interconnection queues and the difficulty of building transmission lines. But a new report says there are reasons to be hopeful.