How can our renewables PR and comms experts help you in 2024?

The UAE Consensus signed at last month’s COP28 conference in Dubai has underscored the need to accelerate the expansion of renewable energy and cleantech worldwide — but is your PR and communications strategy fit for purpose for the challenges ahead?


January 1, 2024

Reflecting on the past and anticipating the future, clichés often sneak into our introductions, especially in marketing mailers and company updates.

It’s natural to highlight sector sentiment: challenges, opportunities, market crossroads, and policy concerns. The UAE Consensus signed at the recent COP28 conference in Dubai has added depth to these discussions, underscoring the global shift toward a cleaner energy future – a market once overlooked.

Prior to the renewable revolution, the energy market was considered a highly profitable, but also a highly boring, backwater. Developers and investors worked in silos, sticking to what they knew best. There was limited room for new players, new technology and new growth.

Now, as urgency surrounds the energy transition, that mindset is history. Whether you’re in wind, storage, hydro, hydrogen, transmission, or cleantech, committing to the energy markets means embracing broader commitments and joining an international community under a new spotlight.

By unlocking the clean energy transition, it is beholden on you and your teams to take a proactive position when communicating how you and your business capitalise on this shift.

Here at Tamarindo, we’ve spent more than a decade supporting businesses just like yours, in understanding this important dynamic. Through our programme of reports and analysis, PR and strategic communications, conferences, working groups, roundtables and awards, we continue to prioritise the singular ability to provide you with both voice and stage.

As you step into 2024, and you carefully consider how to most effectively deploy your sales and marketing budgets to drive future business growth, I’d encourage you to get in touch with our team.  As a simple first step; book a call today – and talk to us.

Wishing you a successful 2024!