Our 15-point checklist for a winning awards entry

Do you want to win at the Wind Investment Awards? Tamarindo insight director Richard Heap shares 15 tips about how you can write an entry that will wow your judges and help you stand out in a crowded category.


January 2, 2024

Every year, the team at Tamarindo is impressed by the innovation and leadership on display in the entries for our Wind Investment Awards — and we’re sure this year will be no exception.

We are welcoming entries for our fifth annual awards ceremony by 9th February 2024 from the brightest and best in the industry, in 15 categories. We will then celebrate the winners at our awards ceremony in London on 23rd May.

Click here to find out how to enter.

But what can you do to stand out and impress our 16 judges? This is one of the questions we hear most often. Here, we have rounded up 15 tips to help you plan an entry that will wow our judging panel:


1. Enter the right categories

It only makes sense to enter categories where you can demonstrate excellence and feel like you have a genuine chance of winning. If you aren’t convinced, then you will struggle to write an entry that can convince our judging panel of industry experts.

2. Follow the instructions

Awards organisers have their reputations to think about and so most won’t want to bend the rules to accommodate one company. This means that if there’s a deadline, stick to it. Likewise, you will need to read the entry criteria carefully – twice! – and make sure to answer all of the criteria. If you don’t then it’ll only damage you. And please stick to the word count.

3. Leave time to do it properly

If you’re planning to enter our awards then you should invest the time to do it properly. You should look at the nominations form at least two weeks ahead of deadline, and invest enough time in drafting your entry to get it right. This gives you time to bring in the information that you need to show your business and projects at their best. Don’t miss out because a key person is away!

4. Don’t duplicate from elsewhere

Think of an awards entry like a CV. Like jobs, ever awards ceremony is different and has a slightly different set of criteria. You’ll get far further by tailoring your entry to the specific event. Don’t be tempted to just replicate an entry you’ve used elsewhere.

5. Consider bringing in help

If you don’t have the time or writing skills to put together your entry then it may make more sense to bring in external help. A freelance writer or communications professional could help make the difference to being shortlisted and not, so could be worth the investment. This could be what you need to really make your entry sparkle.

6. Grab the judges’ attention…

You’ll want to grab the judges’ attention early, so it makes sense to focus on your strongest projects first and tell a story. You’ll want to stick to the facts and back up your claims with evidence, including any strong statistics.

7. …and remember your ‘why?’

It is good to talk about what you did and how, but it’s even better to talk about why. Did a particular deal or development help to push the industry forward or transform your business? Why was it important to you and the industry? This could help you to tell a story succinctly and ensure it resonates with our judges.

8. External endorsements are powerful

Bringing in external endorsements from clients and other well-known names in the industry can be very powerful. Remember, you are entering a B2B awards, and so the people judging you are likely to know the big-name companies and individuals. Drawing on positive testimonials from other industry experts can be invaluable.

9. Break up long blocks of text

However, despite the judges’ expertise, you’ll need to assume they have no background knowledge of your business and will be daunted if they have to look at a big block of unbroken text. Breaking it up with sub-headings and bulletpoints can make information more accessible.

10. Use supporting materials sparingly

Judges are going to have a lot of entries to go through so, while they may find some supporting materials useful, don’t bombard them with every visual, video and link at your disposal. Remember, you’re trying to tell a story about your success. If there’s anything in your entry that isn’t key to your story then you might want to leave it out.

11. Stick to the truth and avoid jargon

We know how it is. You want to show off about what you’ve done and it is tempting to bend the truth. We have just one word for that: don’t! Stick to the truth and avoid overly exuberant marketing jargon. Your entry will be read by industry experts with keen bullshit detectors. Don’t make them remember you for the wrong reasons.

12. Avoid the temptation to future-gaze

Judges are looking at what you have actually done in the 12 months previously, not what you say you are going to do, so focus on what’s happened. If you are about to conclude a deal or development that you think will be a game-changer then we would love to hear about that as the basis of your entry in 2025.

13. Write it offline where possible

Awards websites can come under a huge amount of strain around deadline day, and you don’t want to lose your work if the website suddenly crashes. Where possible, it makes sense to write your entry offline and then move it online when you’re ready to submit. Save as you go and save often.

14. Harness the power of pedantry

Once you’ve drafted your entry, you should bring in others in your team – including the most pedantic person you can find – to check it. Also, read it aloud to make sure it sounds sensible. Honestly, you’ll be surprised at what you all find.

15. Submit – and store the info

If you’ve been through all of these steps then you’re probably ready to submit. All we can say is good luck! A final point then it to make sure you save the information that you’ve gathered. While we don’t advise you to submit exactly the same entry as you have done elsewhere, it makes sense to save the info for future awards.


Now you know how to put together a great entry, which categories are you going to enter? Click here for more information about the entry process and the judging panel.

You can submit your nominations for any of the 15 categories in the Wind Investment Awards by 9th February.

For more, visit our Wind Investment Awards site or get in touch with one of our team.

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