Legal Power List 2018

The Legal Power List 2018 was published on the 14th August. It’s the definitive rundown of the 100 most influential lawyers working on the financial side of wind energy.

About this report

The Legal Power List is our ‘who’s who’ of the most influential lawyers operating globally on the  biggest deals in wind energy.

Legal experts play a key role in making sure deals get over the line, and reducing the risks needed to encourage investment. In particular, their role is proven to be key in helping wind investors face political risks in both emerging and established markets.

This is why, in this special report, we have analysed the high-profile political risks wind investors have faced in the last year, such as retroactive cuts to subsidies in Spain. But lawyers can provide protection against these problems. That’s why we’ve canvassed opinions from across the industry and carried out our own in-depth research to round up the 100 most influential lawyers in the global wind sector.

The report also includes an interview with DNV GL Energy’s Lone Wigh and an extended profile of our top-ranked lawyer.

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Published by Tamarindo
JULY 24, 2018