Finance Quarterly – Q1 2023

This issue of Tamarindo’s digital magazine for members has a special focus on wind supply chain risk, still rearing its head in 2023 after a challenging year for developers and the wind turbine manufacturers they depend on.

About this report

This edition covers wind’s inflation-prone costs and supply chain from both the developer and the investor perspectives. Wind turbine costs, apparently, will continue to grab headlines as they are increasingly linked to scarce commodities at volatile prices.

We speak to Head of Renewables Research at Danish advisory firm Brinckmann Group Shashi Barla and Founding Partner of offshore wind project management consultancy Naver Kasra Jamshidi on how the issues faced by wind turbine OEMs in Europe are likely to leave their mark on Western wind power finance through changes to contracts and auctions.

We also present European PPA data, courtesy of renewable energy sales advisory firm Pexapark. This comes after an interview with a German developer looking for partners on hybrid and wind-to-hydrogen projects, as well as one on the plans of a German investor looking to acquire projects.

Finally, we tackle the topic of debt market trends, sharing insights from Enterprize Energy’s Jérôme Guillet, while speaking to European banking experts as well as seasoned project finance advisors.

These experts are at the forefront of the push for better financing practices, innovating structures that either mitigate inflation and cost risks or attract new sources of equity.

This issue puts questions to the experts:

  • Lisa McDermott, Managing Director, Project Finance, ABN AMRO Bank
  • Jérôme Guillet, Board Member at Enterprize Energy and Founder of Green Giraffe
  • Christian Knütel, Honorary General Counsel, WFO
  • Piotr Nerwiński, Partner in Banking and International Project Finance, Dentons
  • Keith Martin, Co-Head of Projects and Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright US
  • Shashi Barla, Head of Renewables Research, Brinckmann Group
  • Kasra Jamshidi, Founding Partner, Naver
  • Alexander Koffka, Public and Investor Relations General Manager, ABO Wind
  • Marcus Fütterer, Senior Manager in Structured Participations and Financing, GLS Beteiligungs
  • Leo Rawlence, Steel Broker

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April 17, 2023