Finance Quarterly – Q2 2023

This issue of Tamarindo’s digital magazine explores how wind developers have changed PPAs amid a rollercoaster of power price volatility.

About this report

This edition gives an overview of the transmission challenges facing wind developers and investors in the US and Europe.

In the US, we look at why 300GW of wind projects are stuck in interconnection queues, as developers frustrated by slow permitting processes have filed large numbers of speculative applications. This means most wind projects stuck in line never actually get developed – in some instances, projects will simply withdraw from the queues, partly because of high interconnection costs.

In Europe, we focus on the future of the offshore transmission grid, as transmission system operators consider the future of traditional point-to-point connections. European waters are set to become increasingly crowded, which will require innovative thinking from companies and policymakers. However, these changes will need time to implement, while offshore developers will need certainty over the costs and timelines of new links.

In addition, we speak to experts from DNV about the impact of curtailment on the financial viability of wind projects in the US; and to Scout Clean Energy about how transmission is one of the main risks for renewables developers in the US market today.

We have spoken to experts including:

  • John Clapp, Chief Financial Officer, Scout Clean Energy
  • Rob Gramlich, Founder & President, Grid Strategies
  • Quentin Le Noac’h, Partner, Voltiq
  • Tim Pearce, Head of Resource Integration & Market Analytics, DNV
  • Cornelis Plet, Vice President, Power System Advisory, DNV
  • Joe Rand, Energy Policy Researcher, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Cathal Ryan, Regulatory Analyst, Inis Offshore Wind
  • Udo Schneider, Managing Director, Green Giraffe Advisory

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July 12, 2023