Investment and wind OEM supply chain risks

Delays threaten projects when there’s price trouble in the supply chain. Investors and developers are making changes to contracting practices to stay ahead of the curve.

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Risks related to wind turbine OEMs are a growing concern for developers across much of the Western world.

Project investors, too, are anxious as construction threatens to become more costly.

Dynamic prices for commodities and transportation in the supply chain look set to continue to put pressure on projects in 2023.

Will steel prices decline, and if they don’t, will Western wind turbine markets struggle to rebalance following a pandemic and the outbreak of a war?

Which wind turbine manufacturers are best positioned to succeed in this chaotic environment, with state targets poised to kick off a wave of demand?

This report puts questions to the experts:

  • Shashi Barla, Head of Renewables Research at Danish advisory firm Brinckmann Group
  • Kasra Jamshidi, Founding Partner of Danish offshore wind project management consultancy Naver
  • Leo Rawlence, a steel broker

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Published by Tamarindo
February 2, 2023