Minimising Risk in BESS Construction

Insights into how companies can mitigate construction risks in battery projects from a panel of experts convened by Tamarindo’s Energy Storage Report, in partnership with Eversheds Sutherland.

About this report

Annual battery storage installations are set to soar in the coming years.

In order to maximise the prospect of projected battery storage installations being realised, it is vital that steps are taken to minimise the risks associated with the construction of such projects. As the BESS sector evolves, asset owners are increasingly utilising a range of contracting structures for construction and procurement – in addition to traditional EPC [engineering, procurement and construction] contracts, the use of EPCm [engineering, procurement and construction management] contracts and other multi-contract approaches is a growing trend.

Tamarindo’s Energy Storage Report, in partnership with Eversheds Sutherland, convened a panel of energy storage industry experts to discuss the most significant energy storage-related construction challenges. The panel also explored the relative merits of traditional EPC contracts and some of the newer contracting methods using an EPCm approach.

We have gathered their insights in this report, called ‘Minimising risk in BESS construction’, which includes insights from:

  • Richard Wagstaff, head of project development, Gore Street Capital
  • Bhagyashri Joshi, global commercial and construction manager, NextEnergy Capital
  • Hildagarde McCarville, CEO, Anesco
  • Caroline Clapham, partner, Eversheds Sutherland
  • Stephen White, CFO, Field Energy
  • James Bruce, general counsel, AMP Clean Energy
  • Louis Burford, operations director, Constantine Energy Storage
  • Richard Streeter, partner, Eversheds Sutherland

Published by Tamarindo in partnership with

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    Published by Tamarindo
    March 27, 2024