Wind Investment Trends 2022

Growing global ambitions and rising costs are raising the heat on companies in the wind sector. What are the big opportunities and challenges after the pandemic?

About this report

We have spoken to a range of experts from businesses across the Tamarindo membership community to get their thoughts on the year ahead. In this report, we share ten key trends they believe will shape wind’s fortunes in 2022.

From onshore wind in the resurgent German market to offshore wind in all corners of the world, and new technologies such as power-to-X, this is a hugely exciting sector. 2022 promises to be one of the most interesting years for wind globally since Tamarindo launched a decade ago.

We would like to thank the following industry leaders for their participation in the Wind Investment Trends video series that we recorded in late January and early February.

  • Barry Lynch, Partner & Head of Operations, Actis
  • Carlos Martin, Chief Executive Officer, BlueFloat Energy
  • Clément Weber, Managing Director, Green Giraffe
  • Joost Samsom, Partner & Co-Founder, Voltiq
  • Juha Sarsama, CEO, Ilmatar Energy
  • Jude Leblanc, Partner, McGuireWoods
  • Kate Tuohy, Vice President of Energy Team (EMEA), MUFG
  • Mathias Bimberg, Head of Infrastructure, Prime Capital
  • Michael Hannibal, Partner, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners
  • Nick Cole, Business Director, Financial Assurance, UK & Ireland, DNV
  • Thomas Carpenter, Principal Consultant, Taylor Hopkinson

Tamarindo members can watch the full Wind Investment Trends video series here

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    Published by Tamarindo
    February 16, 2022