512MW of solar-storage projects successful in German infrastructure innovation auction

July 5, 2024

The German government’s infrastructure authority, Bundesnetzagentur has announced that 43 bids for solar and storage projects – with a combined volume of 512MW- have been successful in its recent innovation auction.

The prices of the successful bids ranged from 6.78 ct/kWh to 9.17 ct/kWh. The average volume-weighted award price in this round (8.33 ct/kWh) was the same as in the previous bidding round. It was well below the maximum price of 9.18 ct/kWh.

The auction volume was 583 MW and 48 bids with a total bid volume of 564 MW were submitted. All bids submitted were for combinations of solar installations and storage facilities. Five bids were excluded in the round.

The federal states with the largest volumes awarded for sites were Bavaria (24 awards with a combined volume of 245MW) and, with significantly lower volumes, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (four awards, 79MW) and Schleswig-Holstein (five awards, 73MW).