Amazon signs 98.4MW Avangrid PPA in Oregon


February 12, 2024

Tech giant Amazon has agreed to buy all of the electricity produced by a repowered 98.4MW wind farm by Iberdrola subsidiary Avangrid in US state Oregon.

Avangrid is repowering the 40-turbine Leaning Juniper IIA project, also known as Amazon Wind Farm Oregon, in the state’s Gillam County. Avangrid said the repowering scheme would significantly extend the life of the existing wind farm.

Pedro Azagra, chief executive at Avangrid, said: “With projects like this, we are not only supporting Amazon’s climate goals, but creating jobs and contributing to local communities.”

Abhishek Sharma, head of energy Strategy for Amazon Web Services, said: “The project adds to the 2 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity Amazon has already enabled across the western U.S. grid. This has contributed to Amazon being the world’s largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy for four years running, and will help Amazon remain on a path to utilizing 100% renewable energy for the electricity powering its operations by 2025.”

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