Brenmiller Energy’s project pipeline hits 6,000MWh of storage valued at a total of $500m

May 20, 2024

Thermal energy storage (TES) developer Brenmiller Energy has reported that its project pipeline has increased to 49 potential contracts in “various stages of development”, amounting to TES valued at more than $500 million and representing more than 6,000 MWh of power.

Brenmiller’s says its ‘bGen’ TES technology “replaces the need for fossil fuel boilers at industrial and power plants, which contribute to nearly one-quarter of all global emissions”.

It uses crushed rocks to store low-cost electricity from renewable or other sustainable sources and dispatches steam, hot water or hot air according to customers’ needs.

Brenmiller’s chairman and CEO, Avi Brenmiller, said: “The nearly fifty active project proposals, offers and negotiations our team has going with some of the largest and most innovative industrials and energy companies is great for business, but it’s even better for the planet – it reflects both our customers’ confidence in our ability to deliver and shifting attitudes toward decarbonisation market-wide. Several of these projects are in advanced stages of negotiations and we anticipate that two to four of them may advance into binding, revenue-generating contracts in the coming quarters.”