California approves 25GW offshore wind plan


July 11, 2024

Regulators in US state California have passed a plan to support the permitting of 25GW of offshore wind in its waters by 2045.

The California Energy Commission set a goal in 2022 for 25GW of offshore wind permitted by 2045, and yesterday approved a strategic plan to achieve the goal.

It also set out steps to support growth in the floating offshore wind industry in California, including port investments, upgraded transmission infrastructure, improved permitting and supply chain improvements.

The plan includes an interim target of 5GW offshore wind permitted by 2030.

David Hochschild, chair of the CEC, said: “Offshore wind has the potential to accelerate the clean energy transition by providing a consistent, reliable source of clean electricity, supporting our ambitious climate goals, creating local manufacturing jobs and driving economic development. We are committed to harnessing this clean resource to ensure a sustainable energy future for all Californians.”

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