Centrica acquires 32MW of UK solar and battery storage assets

March 27, 2024

Centrica has completed the acquisition of two clean energy projects, adding 32MW of solar and battery storage capacity to the company’s portfolio.

The company has acquired development rights for the construction of a 16MW solar farm and 3MW battery storage plant near Winterborne Whitechurch in Dorset. The project breaks ground in early 2024, with the first power exported to the grid in 2025.

The site at Winterborne Whitechurch will be a co-located asset, with the solar farm and battery storage facilities using the same connection point to the grid, helping to maximise the grid connection. The site is able to power 4,600 homes a year, supported by the battery that can deliver two-hours of energy for a similar number of properties.

Centrica has also acquired the operational Roundponds Solar Farm in Wiltshire. The 13MW solar farm was commissioned in 2015 and is capable of providing energy for around 3,200 homes every year.

Greg McKenna, managing director of Centrica Business Solutions, said: “Solar will play an increasingly important role in the UK as we strive for a net zero energy system. We’re proud to be leading the charge in delivering a bank of assets across the UK that will help meet the need for clean energy generation and storage.”

Sue Peart, commercial director of Centrica Energy Assets, added: “As the UK strives towards net zero, on-shore renewable power generation will play an essential role in delivering a secure supply of energy to homes and businesses.