Correlate to develop US solar-storage microgrid for oil & gas client

September 28, 2023

Distributed energy company Correlate Energy is to develop a solar and storage-powered microgrid project near Los Angeles – the first phase of which will cost $23 million – for an unnamed customer “representing one of California’s largest privately-owned oil and gas corporations with an immense energy demand”. 

“The client’s operation has a 100MW load spread across multiple locations that seek to reach net zero,” a statement said. “This is equivalent to the electricity consumption of approximately 75,000 households.”

Upon successfully completing underwriting and final permitting, Correlate Energy is expected to deploy up to 40MW of solar and storage capacity across twenty sites.

In addition to lowering energy costs, the on-site microgrids will lower emissions for the customer’s oil and gas operations, which helps them comply with the California AB 32 Cap and Trade requirements. The client can also benefit from added low-carbon fuel standard credits (LCFS) for the associated projects. 

Todd Michaels, CEO of Correlate Energy, said: “This Microgrid portfolio is a long-awaited milestone that we expect to be the first of many for our company. Having built up our team over the past year to fulfil such a project, we are extremely pleased to be in a position to complete our first Microgrid project and achieve this stated 2023 goal, which we communicated to our shareholders and financiers. This project not only marks our material entry into the oil and gas sector but also doubles our largest contract size to date.”