Danske Commodities signs optimisation deal for 70MWh UK battery

March 21, 2024

Danske Commodities announced today that it has signed a three-year optimisation agreement for a 35 MW / 70MWh UK battery storage asset owned by Equinor and under development by Noriker Power Limited.

Once operational, the Welkin Mill battery in Manchester will be able to store enough electricity to power more than 100,000 UK homes for two hours. Under the agreement, Danske Commodities will provide market access, balancing and optimisation services for Welkin Mill.

Anders Kring, VP, head of European power trading at Danske Commodities, said: ““We are proud to announce Danske Commodities’ optimisation agreement for Welkin Mill. With more than 15 years of experience from British power markets, we will apply our trading expertise to optimise the battery storage asset and help provide much needed flexibility to intermittent power generation. The UK is a core market for us, and we look forward to continuing growing our portfolio of renewables and flexible assets.”