Denmark launches up-to-10GW offshore wind tender


April 22, 2024

Denmark has today opened its largest offshore wind tender for projects on six sites with combined capacity of up to 10GW.

The Danish government is offering no subsidy support for developers, which will have to specify how much they are willing to pay to the state for 30 years for the rights to build the projects. The government will also own 20% stakes in the winning projects.

Lars Aagaard, Denmark’s minister for climate, energy and utilities, said the tender would put Denmark “one large step closer to becoming Europe’s green powerhouse”.

“When the wind turbines are operating, we can cover all of Denmark’s power consumption with green electricity – and we can produce hydrogen and green fuels for ships and planes. It is projects of this scale that can make a big, green difference for the climate and our security. Not just for Denmark, but for all of Europe,” he said.

Aagaard added that the rules placed greater responsibility on private companies to ensure the offshore wind capacity is built: “Now it is up to the market to take part in Denmark’s next big wind adventure. The next chapter will thus be written and carried out by the market – it is the market that must bring these tenders across the finish line,” he said.

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