ECO STOR & Sandvik partner on Glencore BESS pilot

June 7, 2024

Battery storage company ECO STOR, is to partner with Sandvik on a pilot project to implement a second-life battery energy storage systems (BESS) across a number of Glencore facilities.

The project is “poised to revolutionise mining operations, enhancing critical services such as charging infrastructure for light electric vehicles within Glencore’s operational domain,” an ECO STOR statement said. In the pilot phase, Sandvik will explore power optimisation, peak load management, and strategic energy trading.

The BESS will be located in a 20-foot enclosure housing 128 Sandvik battery modules with a capacity of 1MWh.

Leif Rønning, business development manager at ECO STOR, said: “Our commitment to extending battery lifecycles reflects our dedication to environmental stewardship and resource efficiency. Through our partnership with Sandvik, we unleash the potential of second-life batteries, carving a path towards a more sustainable mining future.”

Alvaro Baeza, decarbonisation manager for copper assets at Glencore, added: “At the heart of our ethos lies a commitment to circular business practices and environmental stewardship. Our collaboration with Sandvik epitomises this ethos, driving sustainable outcomes aligned with our core values.”

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