Eesti Energia to build 53.1MWh battery in Estonia

January 31, 2024

Eesti Energia is to build an energy storage device with a capacity of up to 53.1MWh at the Auvere industrial complex in Estonia later this year, the company has confirmed.

The storage facility will be operational by the beginning of 2025, “at the same time as the Baltic countries are disconnected from the Russian electricity grid”, an Eesti Energia statement said.

The procurement organised by Eesti Energia was won by the joint tender of Diotech OÜ and Solar Wheel OÜ, with LG Energy Solution supplying the battery technology.

The capacity of the new system corresponds to a two-hour consumption of about 75 000 households.

Eesti Energia has described the project as a “pilot project to make sure the solution is suitable both in Estonia and the company’s other retail markets”.

Kristjan Kuhi, member of the management board of Eesti Energia, said: “The quickest way to ensure affordable electricity for consumers and the independence of the Estonian energy system is to switch to renewable energy as soon as possible. Since the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine all the time, energy needs to be stored. One solution for storing renewable energy is using large-scale energy storage devices. With such solutions we could prevent the extremely high electricity prices as we experienced recently. Sufficient storage capacity helps ensure affordable electricity prices, the reliability of the energy system and a more efficient use of renewable energy.”

Kyuwon Heo, head of grid ESS Europe at LG Energy Solution, added: “We are honoured to contribute to Eesti Energia’s energy plan for desynchronisation in the Baltic countries. Our cutting-edge technology and collaborative approach will pave the way for a sustainable energy environment in Estonia, fostering innovation and resilience in the face of energy challenges.”