Enel X and Magaldi form storage partnership

April 3, 2023

Enel X and energy storage technology company Magaldi Group have formed a partnership that will involve Enel X supplying its industrial customers with thermal energy generated by the MGTES [Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage] system.

The MGTES is powered by a photovoltaic plant that is able to store energy, which is then released in the form of high-temperature steam. The MGTES is installed at the Magaldi Power plant in the ASI – Area di Sviluppo Industriale [Industrial Development Area] – in the city of Salerno, Italy.

Conceived and developed by Magaldi Group, MGTES, based on a fluidized sand bed (sand batteries), makes it possible to store energy from renewable sources, which is then released in the form of steam at temperatures of 120-400C.