Enercon launches 7MW onshore turbine


March 18, 2024

German turbine maker Enercon has launched a 7MW version of its E-175 onshore turbine model that it said would significantly increase energy yield compared to its 6MW model.

The company announced the model to coincide with its 40th anniversary and the WindEurope annual conference in Bilbao, Spain, this week. It is also Enercon’s tallest machine so far with a hub height of 175 metres.

Jörg Scholle, chief technology officer at Enercon, said the core of the 7MW machine was a new permanent magnet generator with external motor design.

“Over the past 40 years, we have been contributing to the energy transition and have been providing our customers with wind turbines of great yield and high quality. The new E-175 EP5 will help us to further advance onshore wind power expansion all over the world and to be an active part in shaping the next stage of the energy transition,” he said.

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