Energy Vault confirms China grid interconnection for Rudong EVx system

March 1, 2024

Energy storage systems company Energy Vault has confirmed that China state grid interconnection and inverse power operation has been achieved for the Rudong EVx system, while construction has commenced on three additional grid-scale EVx gravity energy storage system (GESS) deployments in China.

Energy Vault’s partners, China Tianying (CNTY) and Atlas Renewable, now have nine EVx GESS deployments underway in China totalling 3.7 GWh, each of which will generate future project revenue royalties for Energy Vault.

“I am pleased to see the increased market adoption of Energy Vault’s gravity energy storage technology in China, the world’s largest energy storage market supported by the new project ground-breaking announcements and other milestones within China’s national energy policy framework for energy storage,” said Robert Piconi, chairman and CEO of Energy Vault. “We look forward to sharing additional performance and project development in the coming weeks and months as commissioning and new project activities continue at a rapid pace.”

Andrea Pedretti, Energy Vault’s chief technology officer, commented: “Having just spent the last few days in Rudong at the EVx site, I continue to be impressed with the local technical, R&D and construction expertise brought by China Tianying and their partners. Coupled with their internal and local manufacturing capabilities for all of the mechanical systems, we have a great partner to rapidly deploy our EVx and broader gravity energy storage technology in China.”