Equilibrium and Hatch agree storage tolling partnership

May 26, 2023

Equilibrium Energy and Hatch Renewables have agreed a partnership to manage utility-scale battery storage by pursuing tolling agreements with developers that have operating assets or projects with near-term commercial operation dates. 

Under an energy storage tolling agreement, the developer of the energy storage system is responsible for obtaining site control, permits, interconnection rights, equipment, and construction contracts, as well as achieving agreed-upon milestones such as a target commercial operation date and a guaranteed commercial operation date. The buyer—often the utility company—pays for the electricity used to charge the energy storage system, and receives the right to charge/discharge the system for energy and ancillary services. 

“Equilibrium and Hatch have been working closely together over the past year to formalize the partnership and screen an initial set of tolling opportunities in ERCOT [Electric Reliability Council of Texas],” a statement said.