ESS and LEAG to build 50MW German battery system

June 16, 2023

Long-duration iron flow battery energy storage system manufacturer ESS and German energy provider LEAG have entered into an agreement to build a 50 MW / 500 MWh iron flow battery system at the Boxberg Power Plant site in Saxony, Eastern Germany, to be commissioned in 2027.

“The resulting 50 MW/500 MWh module is expected to become a standardised building block in LEAG’s plan to deploy 2-3 GWh of storage in the transformation of the LEAG power plant locations,” a statement said.

LEAG and partners plan to invest €200 million “with further support anticipated from additional investors and stakeholders”, the statement added.

LEAG is an operator of large-scale lignite mining and coal-fired generation in Eastern Germany that aims to transform the coal-dependent region into Germany’s ‘Green Powerhouse’. The company plans to develop 7-14 GW of renewable generation paired with 2-3 GWh of energy storage and 2 GW of green hydrogen production.