EU backs seven via European Hydrogen Bank


May 1, 2024

The European Union’s European Hydrogen Bank vehicle has awarded €720m of subsidy support to seven renewable hydrogen projects, out of a total of 132 bids.

The winning bid prices were all between €0.37/kg and €0.48/kg; and the seven winning projects are set to produce 1.58million tonnes of renewable hydrogen over ten years. The winning projects are:

  • Catalina (500MW) in Spain by Renato PtX Holdco (a Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners vehicle)
  • El Alamillo H2 in Spain by Benbros Energy
  • eNRG Lahti in Finland by Nordic Renewable Gas Oy
  • Grey2Green-II in Portugal by Petrogal S.A.
  • Hysencia in Spain by Angus
  • MP2X (500MW) in Portugal by Madoquapower 2x (a Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners vehicle)
  • Skiga (Skipavika Green Ammonia) by Skiga, which is led by Norwegian developer Fuella, in Norway

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