EU issues storage recommendations

May 16, 2023

In what the energy storage investment community has seen as a very encouraging step, the European Commission has issued a series of recommendations to member states aimed at ensuring the wider deployment of storage.

The recommendations include taking into account the “double role (generator-consumer) of energy storage” when defining the applicable regulatory framework and procedures, in particular when implementing EU legislation concerning the electricity market, in order to remove existing barriers. “This includes preventing double taxation and facilitating permit-granting procedures”, the EU document said. 

It added that national regulatory authorities “should also consider such a role when setting network charges and tariff schemes, in compliance with Union legislation”.

The EU has also said member states should “identify the flexibility needs of their energy systems in the short, medium and long term, and in their updates of the national energy and climate plans strengthen the objectives and related policies and measures that aim to cost effectively promote the deployment of energy storage, both utility-scale and behind the-meter storage, demand response and flexibility.”

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