Eviny buys 365MW Norwegian pair


January 17, 2024

Norwegian utility Eviny has bought two wind farms in Norway with total headline capacity of 365MW for €537.5m from investment giant BlackRock.

The acquisition is for the 197MW 47-turbine Guleslettene project in Bremanger and Kinn municipalities and the 168MW 50-turbine Tellenes project in Rogaland. The projects were commissioned in 2021 and 2017 respectively. The deal is due to conclude by the end of March 2024.

Arne Andreas Riisnes, executive vice president for new energy and industrial partnerships at Eviny, said the acquisition “forms a good basis for further growth, primarily through the development of new wind farms in collaboration with industrial partners and close collaboration with local authorities”.

Keith Mangan, head of climate infrastructure in EMEA at BlackRock, added: “It has been important for us to find a suitable owner who will continue to develop and operate the wind farms, and we are very happy that Eviny, as a regional energy and technology company in Western Norway, is buying the two wind farms.”

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