EVLO Energy Storage signs SolarBank Canadian BESS deal

October 11, 2023

Battery energy storage system provider EVLO Energy Storage (EVLO), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, has signed an equipment supply agreement with SolarBank Corporation to supply battery energy storage systems (BESS) for three SolarBank EPC projects in Ontario, Canada. 

EVLO will supply each of the three project sites with a 5 MW / 20MWh ‘EVLOFLEX’ system.

SolarBank is constructing the projects for solar power finance compnay Solar Flow-Through Funds, two First Nations communities, and a third party developer in Ontario. SolarBank secured approval for the projects from Ontario’s IESO under the province’s Expedited Long-Term 1 (E-LT1) Reliability Procurement for battery storage.

The BESS for the three projects are expected to be commissioned by summer 2025.

Dr. Richard Lu, CEO of SolarBank said: “We are pleased to move forward on constructing our first energy storage projects with EVLO, a leader in the Canadian battery storage industry. Safety and longevity were two of our primary considerations, and we are confident that the EVLOFLEX will deliver on both fronts.”

Sonia St-Arnaud, president and CEO of EVLO, said: “It is an exciting time as the IESO progresses through its largest procurement of energy storage to date. Energy storage is critical for increasing reliability and resiliency while lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and we’re proud to support the reliability of the Ontario grid by supplying EVLOFLEX systems to SolarBank.”