EWG Taczalin signs eight-year Polish PPA


February 13, 2024

EWG Taczalin has signed an eight-year deal to supply fellow Polish company Respect Energy with electricity from the 45.1MW Taczalin wind farm.

EWG Taczalin is the project company that developed the 22-turbine Taczalin wind farm in Poland’s Lower Silesia region. The vehicle was established by EWG Elektrownie Wiatrowe and VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska, and is now owned by the latter firm. VSB and Uniplan manage the project.

The power purchase agreement with Respect Energy is due to start next month, and continue until the end of 2031.

Hubert Kowalski, president of the board of VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska and EWG Taczalin, said: “Together with Uniplan, VSB creates a solid and reliable partner for wind farm Taczalin, managing the plant and delivering a stable source of income from a credible off-taker –  Respect Energy.”

Sebastian Jabłoński, chairman of Respect Energy Capital Group, added: “The concluded agreement is one of the largest PPAs in force in Poland. Another PPA in Respect Energy’s portfolio is not only a response to the turbulence on the energy market, but also a guarantee of stable energy flow for our customers for the following years.”

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