Genneia secures Shell PPA in Argentina


March 19, 2024

Shell Argentina has agreed to buy electricity from wind and solar farms owned by Argentinian independent power purchaser Genneia.

Genneia and Shell have signed a seven-year power purchase agreement starting on 1st May through the country’s Renewable Energy Term Market (MATER) system. Shell said it would use the electricity to support its activities in Argentina’s Vaca Muerta region.

Ricardo Rodr√≠guez, president of Shell Argentina, said: “This agreement is very significant for the decarbonisation strategy of our operations in Vaca Muerta. Supplying our processing plants and consumption of productive wells with wind and solar energy will bring very important progress in our emissions reduction goals in the country.”

Bernardo Andrews, chief executive at Genneia, said: “We are proud to accompany Shell with its strategic objectives of reducing carbon emissions, increasing energy efficiency and that they trust Genneia to achieve them.”

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